mdEditor User Manual

Edition 2019-07-26

Metadata Editor (mdEditor)

mdEditor (metadata Editor) is an application that assists users in authoring and editing metadata for research projects, datasets, maps, images, and other documents. The main goal of mdEditor is to hide much of the technical complexity involved in creating archival quality metadata records that follow the standards published by ISO (International Standards Organization) and FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee).

With mdEditor you can publish metadata in any or all of the supported standards without specific knowledge of the standard. mdEditor edits and saves all your metadata on your personal computer so there are no user IDs, passwords, logins, or fees. And your information is always private and secure. All you need to begin authoring and publishing metadata is an internet connection to load the most current version of mdEditor into your favorite internet browser.

mdEditor works hard to conceal the complexity of computer software and metadata standards to allow metadata authors to focus on their metadata content. Even with the assistance of mdEditor, writing archival quality metadata is a challenging task that requires metadata authors to know their projects and datasets thoroughly and take the time necessary to describe them adequately. We hope you find that mdEditor eases that task considerably. And once your content is entered, mdEditor can generate metadata in the standard of your choice with a single button click. Have fun!

Who should read this manual

The "mdEditor User Manual" is intended to be a companion to scientists, researchers, and their assistants as they develop metadata with the assistance of mdEditor. This manual will discuss HOW to use mdEditor. Topics generally cover things such as workflow and how to perform certain tasks within mdEditor.

mdEditor is just one tool in the larger ADIwg Metadata Toolkit. Information on local implementations, customization, and extensions will not be covered in this manual. For information on other tools in the ADIwg Metadata Toolkit please refer to mdBook.

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